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If you’ve been burned or disappointed by prior monitoring systems, we understand! It's time to expect more from your production monitoring and see what’s happening on your floor right now, and your overall factory trends over time—all without any operator input.

Datanomix is the industry’s only Automated Production Intelligence™ platform that is purpose-built from the ground up to address the flaws, alleviate the complexities, and eliminate the letdowns of the monitoring systems of the past. We’re delivering the future you expected when you envisioned what monitoring would do for your people, profits, and productivity.

In our 30-minute demonstration you will learn:

  • How Datanomix automatically establishes a benchmark of good production using only the data from your machines

  • How our major new reporting workflow gives business leaders and continuous improvement personnel insights into overall factory performance, as well as top opportunities for improvement

  • How the Datanomix Quote Calibration Report makes it even easier to see your true machine costs for each and every job in your factory

  • How Datanomix TV Mode broadcasts real-time performance scores on smart TVs in every manufacturing cell 

  • Why the Coffee Cup Report is the best way to conduct your production meeting—with an executive summary of the previous day’s performance in your email at 6:00 am every morning

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