Automated Production Intelligence for Strategic Decision-Making

Hosted by Greg McHale, Datanomix Co-Founder & CTO


Since its release, the Datanomix platform has been automating real-time production insights to help manufacturers stay on top of daily operations—all without any operator input. By knowing what’s happening on the floor right now, Datanomix helps your entire team keep production on track.

But what about insights your leadership team needs to make better decisions around quoting, capital, and personnel? Don’t worry… Datanomix has you covered! By working directly with manufacturers to thoroughly understand how you operate, the Datanomix platform was developed to assist with overall factory trends as well. Factory leaders can now enjoy these product updates:

  • Continuous Improvement Hub: A one-stop dashboard that shows you how your factory is doing this week or over any time period, and highlights the top jobs where you’re killing it and the jobs that provide an opportunity for improvement.

  • Quote Calibration Report: See whether every job you run is meeting the standards needed to justify the job quote, or if there is an opportunity to optimize the job performance or to tweak the quote for increased profitability.
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