The Need for Next-Gen Production Monitoring for Unattended Operations

Manufacturers of all sizes are embracing automation and unattended operations to combat today’s labor shortages and a marked increase in demand for precision manufacturing in the United States due to reshoring. Unattended operation greatly increases the ability to produce more parts, reducing backlogs even when the lights are out. The only issue is that unattended operation is impossible to monitor unless you use a next-generation production intelligence solution that requires no operator input. With this type of next-gen solution, manufacturers can see exactly what happened during unattended shifts, providing a wealth of information to troubleshoot issues and improve processes.

Watch the recording from IMTS 2022 to learn why Automated Production Intelligence™ from Datanomix is the perfect solution for factories looking to implement or expand unattended operations.

Presented at IMTS 2022 by Greg McHale, Co-Founder & CTO, Datanomix

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