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Has Your Factory had the Industry 4.0 Makeover?

by Datanomix Team | Oct 20, 2020 | Culture

The digitization of manufacturing is here and only going to accelerate as new normals evolve. What computers did to Industry 3.0 is what data, automation, and machine learning are doing in Industry 4.0 except with an extra gear of speed thanks to the pandemic. Within itself, Industry 4.0 has evolved. Data has given factory owners the vision they’ve never had before and it isn’t from contact lenses. Datanomix plays a part in that evolution of using data to see their factory’s performance not only at the end of the day or week but in real time. Providing answers to the questions manufacturers have longed for: Your leadership team meeting is this morning, what're you going to tell your staff? What's on schedule? Which machines need attention? Are you reaching production goals?


While IIoT 4.0 has made great strides in digitizing modern factories, industrial manufacturing companies have deployed IoT technologies that merely translate a stack light to a phone app with little consideration given to prescriptive intervention directed to improve overall factory productivity. Using sensors mounted on machine tools, these first generation products tell users if the machine is running or not, how long the machine has been in one state or another, and potentially whether or not it has reached a service interval. While all of this information is a critical form of status checking, it misses a bigger opportunity to communicate on the most important dimension of the problem: business performance. This entails directing employees to intervene on machines that are missing key deliverables for the company and key customers. In order to do this, a significant paradigm shift from old data models is required.




Datanomix saw these first-gen shortcomings as an opportunity to engineer a product from the ground-up as a production intelligence system that introduces two critical concepts into the factory performance dialogue: Hands-free performance benchmarks and a real-time production scoring system. Fusion Software learns exactly what the actual benchmarks are for each manufactured part using machine learning on data streams directly from machines themselves with no human operator input or ERP data required. Fusion then broadcasts the scoring system to everyone from executives to operators showing them where the biggest threats are to business performance in real time and over time.


Once a factory has these benchmarks and scores ingrained in their workflows, Fusion becomes the language by which factory performance is evaluated and discussed. TV’s are hung around the factory showing these performance metrics by area and cell. Daily scorecards automatically generated by Fusion become the backdrop for morning production meetings. Over time, benchmarks and trends serve to right-size and calibrate quotes and actual production costs and the organization synchronizes on a new model for intelligently managing production.


The Datanomix founders have a background in enterprise scale information technology development. They have built successful companies that focused on delivering transformational products that were simple to purchase, use, and scale. Datanomix is a fresh approach to digital transformation for industrial manufacturing using these very same principles. Our customers regard Fusion as a best-in-class product for superior design execution, highly intuitive user interface, and overall best value.