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J&W Swiss Machine prepares for growth using Fusion production intelligence from Datanomix

by Datanomix Team | Sep 09, 2020 | Press Release, News


Precision manufacturing company sees improvements in productivity, efficiency and communication as it takes steps to modernize operations 


NASHUA, New Hampshire — September 9, 2020 — Datanomix Inc, leading vendor of production intelligence software for industrial manufacturers, announced today that J&W Swiss Machine has deployed the Datanomix Fusion platform across its North Grosvenordale, CT facility. With this new visibility into the data coming from their production equipment, J&W Swiss is now able to troubleshoot and course correct the day’s production challenges as they are unfolding, and can plan and optimize their future workload with more precision.


“As a 24-hour Swiss turning shop, it is all about efficiency for us. That means everything from how we procure our materials, setup our jobs, run our machines, and prepare our shipments. If we are able to be very efficient in every aspect of our business, it helps us win more work more consistently,” stated Jim Langlois, co-owner of J&W Swiss. 


J&W Swiss Machine, established in 2013, provides a wide range of precision-machined parts serving the aerospace, medical and commercial manufacturing markets. Collectively, with more than four decades of experience with Swiss style turning machines, the company and its owners are well known for their ability to produce high quality and difficult to machine parts while meeting or exceeding cost and delivery targets for their customers. They pride themselves on innovation in manufacturing and always solving the tougher machining problems. Consistency and efficiency are the key to winning - being able to hit a dimension or tolerance over thousands of parts is about controlling the fine details of the process.


“Wayne and I have been in this industry a long time, and have always been believers in using data to improve our processes. When we saw this product and how much it knew about our jobs down to specifics, we knew this was a tool that could really help us out. We’ve had systems in the past that could tell efficiency, things like utilization, when the machine is on or off, but this system is much more intelligent than that - it has benchmarks for each job around cycle time, utilization, parts per hour - it knows our jobs as well as we do. We also really liked the fact that the Datanomix Fusion system does not require anything from our operators. The data we are getting helps our operators focus more on running their machines, rather than taking them away from running their machines.”


The Future is Fusion


Datanomix Fusion is the pulse of production for modern industrial manufacturers. By harnessing the power of machine data and secure cloud access, Datanomix has created a rich visual overlay of factory floor production intelligence to increase the speed and effectiveness of employees in the global Industry 4.0 workplace. 


Fusion is a hands-free, plug-and-play solution, accessible from any device, giving access to critical insights in a few clicks, anytime and anywhere. By establishing a data connection to machines communicating via industry-standard protocols like MTConnect or IO-Link, Fusion automatically tracks what actual production is by part and machine, and sets a benchmark for expected performance. To measure performance against expected benchmarks, a simple letter grade scoring system is shown across all jobs. In cases where output has not kept pace with the benchmark, the score would decline, informing workers that expected results could be in jeopardy. 


J&W Swiss has two giant TVs that are always running Fusion’s TV mode. In TV Mode, displays mounted on the shop floor rotate through the performance metrics of every connected machine, identifying which machines need assistance and why. “We are able to see all the details of how the jobs are doing. We are very focused on making sure we produce our target cycle times so we hit our part counts at the end of the day and uphold our delivery promise. The production scores and the additional metrics let our whole team see where we’re running ahead or behind and where to focus attention now. We don’t wait for counting parts at the end of the day anymore to know if it’s been a good or bad day,” commented Wayne Langlois, co-owner of J&W Swiss. “This is the way of the future. If you don't understand the data as a shop owner and employee, you're going to have a hard time competing.”


“J&W Swiss is such a leading shop because they think differently when it comes to data. Jim and Wayne are focused on how to leverage data to improve every single part of their business and to think strategically about the company’s expansion,” said John Joseph, CEO of Datanomix.  “They’ve embraced the future of using production intelligence to dramatically increase performance on the factory floor, gain awareness of activity, and have access to critical data that unlocks efficiency, and more importantly, growth opportunities.”


About Datanomix


Based in New Hampshire, Datanomix is fueling the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, with Fusion – data analytics made simple for industrial manufacturers. Datanomix’s mission is to level the data analytics playing field for industrial manufacturers by giving them robust decision-making tools so they can proudly build world-class products.