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Datanomix CEO Featured On TechStrong TV

by Datanomix Team | Aug 03, 2020 | Fuel Growth, News

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Recently we sat down with Alan Shimel of TechStrong TV to talk about Datanomix. Alan is the Founder, CEO & Editor-in-chief of MediaOps, the company behind, Container Journal, Security Boulevard, and Digital Anarchist.


John spent time with Alan speaking about how Datanomix is bringing automation and production intelligence to manufacturing. We had a chance to describe how Datanomix’s technology works and why production intelligence is needed for manufacturers. John also gave a breakdown of our Fusion product and our production score model - no more waiting for a loud noise or smoke coming from a machine to know what’s going on. With COVID-19, the importance of making products for medical devices quickly was heightened and we kept going, helping our customers remotely and making sure they were able to meet demand. 


We had a great chance to highlight our customers, upcoming pilots, and our company’s history. We loved the parallel to software development and the arc of John’s own career in founding Datanomix! 


Thanks for having us on Alan!